Cloud Media Storage (S3 Buckets)

There are plenty of cloud storage providers that support the AWS S3 bucket hosting.
AWS S3 has 99.999% SLA, but also very very expensive. Don’t use it.


  • Just try to find one in your region… not a lot “tuning” that can be done on this front.
  • I'd recommend putting a Media Subdomain ( or similar to front your traffic. Read about that here.


Do not for any reason use AWS S3... they charge you for storage and upload/download.
I was using AWS S3, and once more than a few thousand people joined... it went from $30 to $1000s a month for something Wasabi charges $10


I'm using Wasabi, because they are very cheap. They have a history of outages in their primary regions, but in Sydney, I haven't experienced any issues with their service (as of writing).